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Malcolm Lidbury Testimony to statutory Goddard CSA inquiry

March 2015


Deposition Testimony of Malcolm Lidbury to Home Office

Goddard Statutory Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Gay Equality & HIV/AIDS Campaigner, Artist, Writer, Sculptor.

Gay man & CSA survivor of police homophobia


Statutory Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: Terms of Reference:

“To consider the extent to which State and non-State institutions have failed in their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation; to consider the extent to which those failings have since been addressed; to identify further action needed to address any failings identified; and to publish a report with recommendations”.


Witness Statement Testimony by Malcolm Lidbury to Goddard Inquiry

At the time of writing February 2014, Lidbury, a gay male adult & survivor of multiple child rape as a 6-10yr old child, Lidbury has submitted initial opening testimony to secretariat of the Child Sex Abuse Inquiry (Goddard Inquiry) set up by Theresa May Home Secretary. 

To-date besides various organizations like Intercom Trust, Lidbury has also identified to the statutory CSA inquiry secretariat, individuals by name - twenty three Devon & Cornwall police officers (initially) who by their conduct, failure of duty of care, misfeasance, are complicit in aiding& abetting in covering up of historic child rape & compounding that child rape abuse in conjunction with further homophobic attitudes & practices against the child rape survivor Lidbury as a gay adult.

(1966-1970) From the age of 6yrs old through to 10yrs old Malcolm Lidbury was a child victim of a pedophile ring operating in Tarpots, Essex. (This included amongst others a teacher, clergy & police CSA)

Despite Lidbury & his family raising the sexual abuse with Devon & Cornwall police from 1987 & Lidbury increasingly so from 2004. Devon & Cornwall police & other organizations like Intercom Trust, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Cornwall Pride, Cornwall Council, Independent Police Complaints Commission, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, ACPO, etc. etc. have to the time of writing ALL dismissed Lidbury, as a child rape survivor & gay man with utter contempt& further abuse & victimization.

This institutional abuse has had a profound& negative devastating impact upon his life.

Born in Barnet Middlesex, 1959, Malcolm was the younger of two sons. He grew up in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, going to Mount Grace Comprehensive School. He moved to the County of Cornwall in 1977, worked as a herdsman, antique restorer and at Mount Wellington Mine, one of the last working tin mines in Cornwall. He served six months in prison in 1988. He has been married once and divorced.

1989 Following counselling with Jane Sloan then Cornwall Child Protection Team Child Abuse Consultant, Lidbury came ‘out’ as a gay man.

Lidbury was founder, publisher, & editor of the ‘Independent Cornish Triangle’ 1992-1994, a local LGBT newsletter in rural Cornwall, UK with both male & female readership, it had over 1,000 reader/subscribers. This was before commonplace access to internet or home computers.

Contrary to gross misfeasance by Devon & Cornwall police, since ‘coming out’ as a gay man in 1989 Lidbury has NOT been charged, NOT prosecuted & NOT convicted of any criminal offence in a court of law. There are those who have been deeply misled by the relentless vindictive hate campaign run by Devon & Cornwall police against Lidbury as an outspoken campaigner on gay equality (& HIV/AIDS) & Lidbury being a Child Rape Survivor…Lidbury further relentlessly vindictively abused by police & even by LGBT organizations like Dr Michael Hall’s & others of Intercom Trust, Exeter

Tim Teeman, former editor of the National LGBT Pink Paper newspaper (former circulation 50,000+ copies/wk ) wrote of Lidbury in 1997 as:- “Malcolm is more than just an effective campaigner. He is also an extremely brave and forthright one. He is the most public face of homosexuality in the region. This is a tough position for anyone to hold. Not only must he face the prejudice of narrow minded heterosexuals, he must also combat fear and ignorance on the part of gays in Cornwall, who would prefer certain matters to remain private and not discussed.”  Tim Teeman in 1997

In May 1994 Lidbury organized the first ever Gay PRIDE gathering in Cornwall, at the Op’s Room, Portreath attended by over 140 LGBT persons.  An evening in support of the London PRIDE Trust. Attended by Teddy Witherington, London Pride Trust Director, Adam Jeanes London Pride Chair, & ‘Yvette’ of Love Muscle. This at a time when all institutions in Cornwall, like police, social services, councils, education dept. were vehemently openly homophobic & hostile towards gay persons.

In August 1994 Lidbury’s partner, Andrew Roger Smith was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The couple fought a public battle against institutional & public prejudice and discrimination. Their home subjected to dog excrement attack, graffiti, petrol through front door, they received hate mail and death threats, local youths ‘stoned’ Andrew, after he had gone blind as a result of an HIV/AIDS related symptomatic condition. This was reported to Cornwall police, police reaction

Police Quote "Your gay and have HIV/AIDS, what do you expect?"

Cornwall police did nothing to assist. The couple slept with pre-prepared petrol bombs on their window sill, least they needed to defend their home in which Andrew was blind & terminally ill.

The couple won an Ombudsman enquiry & compensation against Kerrier District Council for maladministration for failing to comply with housing benefit regulations to Andrew, who was gay & terminally ill.

In May 1995, Gay Times Magazine named Lidbury in the 200th celebratory edition as one of the top 200 gay people in Britain for contribution to gay community, equality & HIV/AIDS campaigning and awareness in Cornwall.

See Archive:

Influenced by homophobic police The Intercom Trust, Exeter has worked tirelessly to eradicate Lidbury (& even Cornwall’s famous artist Henry Scott Tuke) from Cornwall’s LGBT history

Artist Henry Scot Tuke RA & Intercom Trust

Lidbury was a trustee of the HIV/AIDS Cornwall Aids Council, trustee for the discretionary HIV/AIDS Sprocket Trust and gay men’s voluntary support worker for the Truro City Hospital GU Clinic. Lidbury organized and ran an LGBT supper group, along with a midweek lgbt social group & a summer weekend tea garden throughout 2003-05.

Lidbury organized the only gay rally in Cornwall on equalizing of the age of consent for homosexuals, which featured in the CH4 television documentary "Age of Dissent", produced by Will Parry, one of the young men who took Britain to European Courts over the age of consent, leading to the eventual equality of homosexual consent in the UK.

Lidbury actively campaigned against the infamous homophobic clause 28 introduced by the Thatcher Conservative government against gay people.

Lidbury was the LGBT STONEWALL Equality 2000 representative for the Falmouth/Camborne constituency.

In April 1996, Malcolm and Andrew publicly contributed taking part visibly in an HIV/AIDS documentary made by West-country television ‘Days of Judgment’ about HIV/AIDS in the south west of England.  At the time it was publicly dangerous to be open with both ones gay sexuality and his partners HIV/AIDS status in Cornwall. Lidbury despite caring & living with his partner Andy for seven & a half years, contrary to speculation& rumor encouraged police officers like Insp. Mark Bolt of Devon & Cornwall police, Lidbury is NOT HIV+ (2015).

3rd Oct 1997, readership of the National LGBT newspaper Pink Paper voted Lidbury in the PINK LIST as No. 119 of the 500 people who had historically had the greatest influence upon gay life in Britain.

In Nov 1996, Lidbury whilst taking part in a live television studio debate as invited guest speaker on LGBT issues, he received on behalf of two Spanish gay men an apology on West-country television from the English Tourist Board, West-Country & Cornish tourist board for homophobic prejudicial breaches of the British tourist board ‘pink’ book of rules.

In 1997, following the HIV/AIDS related death of Andrew Roger Smith, Lidbury posthumously won on behalf of his former partner a public apology at an inquiry held at Truro Cornwall County Hall from Cornwall County Council for adverse treatment and failure to deliver statutory care to Andrew as an HIV/AIDS sufferer. Lidbury since Cornwall council denied Andy the right to be heard whilst he was still alive, had taken Andrews ashes into the Council Chambers for the purposes of the inquiry.

Lidbury was a founder member of the Cornwall & Isles of Scillies Health Authority Gay Men’s Health steering group and instrumental in creation of the Cornwall Gay Men’s Health Project in 1997. Now known as Healthy Gay Cornwall

In 1997 the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Health Authority took the attitude ALL gay men were potential criminals and put the Criminal Probation Service in charge of administering the Cornwall Gay Mens Health Project.

As a result this ostracized & excluded many informed gay men from the Cornwall gay health project, including Mr Lidbury who resigned in disgust at the treatment of all gay men as criminals by Cornwall Health Authority.

He has been subsequently barred (Al Green) from all access to gay health care via the Cornwall gay health project (Healthy Gay Cornwall) ever since. This still remains the case in 2015

Ironically, Lidbury was personally responsible for writing a damning and widely circulated report on HIV/AIDS:- "Implication for Cornwall" in 1996 which eventually had a profound effect on improving HIV/AIDS treatment, care & prevention in Cornwall for ‘men who have sex with men’.

Lidbury’s HIV/AIDS report was sponsored by the National Gay Business Assoc. The C.A.R.A Trust, The Life Benefits Resource Foundation, Ivan Massow Associates, Gay West Lesbian & Gay Society, Bristol, Body Positive Somerset, The Holistic Therapy Centre Plymouth, Cornwall AIDS Council, Truro City GU Clinic & The Sprocket HIV/AIDS Trust.

Lidbury attended in 1996 as an independent delegate at Health Authority conferences in Plymouth & Salisbury and he was instrumental in obtaining written confirmation from Stephen Dorel, Health Minister for the original increase in funding for HIV preventative project for gay men in Cornwall.

In Oct 1997, Lidbury made and won an Advertising Standards Authority complaint against a local business, ‘Trago Mills’. The Trago millionaire owner Mike Robinson had run adverts in local Cornish newspapers advocating “the castration of gay men”.

In 1997 following further harassment from Cornish authorities Lidbury attempted suicide, he withdrew from active contribution to gay equality and HIV/AIDS campaigning.

In 2004, the LGBT Intercom Trust asked Lidbury to assist with a forum on Cornwall LGBT community opinion of the Criminal Justice Service as part of research for the Lord Justice Kay award 2005.

The original location for the lgbt meeting was cancelled in part due to the conduct and actions of Helston police officer DC woods against Mr Lidbury. A police officer Lidbury had reprimanded for homophobic comments at Lidbury’s place of work.

Lidbury was later sacked from his place of work as prospective purchaser of the business (& a former navy Culdrose colleague of Tony Hogg PCC) having been spoken to by police about Lidbury. The prospective purchaser an X-Navy Officer insisted the gay man (Lidbury) working behind the bar be sacked before finalization of the sale of the business. This was subsequently established as fact by the Independent Police Complaints Commission in a partial investigation.

Some valuable insight into Cornwall police thinking & homophobic attitudes against gay persons from 2004-07. DC Magnus Scott has much to answer for his instigation of abuses against gay people in Cornwall carried out by the Cornwall police

# When a gay employer enabled 16/17yr old student gay/bi employees to attend a GU Clinic in work time to receive professional sexual health advice & inoculations against Hepatitis due to risk in the workplace

…Cornwall police considered this to be an offence of ‘SEXUAL GROOMING”

# When a gay employer allowed 16/17yr old gay/bi student employees to watch a gay themed film on a rainy day, NB: The film was the 15 Certificate comedy, “The Birdcage”, starring Gene Hackman & Robin Williams.

...Cornwall police considered this to be “SEXUAL GROOMING”.

# When a 16yr old, an ‘out’ gay youth (S. Read) choose a ‘Secret Santa’ gift of a pair of Tesco Christmas underpants & a small rubber novelty willy key ring for his 17yr old bisexual closet boyfriend (D. Tressider).

...Cornwall Police considered this to be “SEXUAL GROOMING”.

# When a woman spread rumors (T. Tressider) that Lidbury had HIV/AIDS (he did not and had to prove it with a letter from the GU Clinic) & screamed homophobic abuse at him in the streets in front of a witness. Her son later confided that his mother conspired with another over a false allegation against a gay man.

Cornwall police (Inspector Bolt, previously of Helston) stated in 'writing' this was NOT (HOMOPHOBIC) harassment. (Established by IPCC)

This is merely the tip of the iceberg of reported but un-investigated homophobic police incidents against lgbt persons in Cornwall, UK. A protracted four-year period of conflict followed between Lidbury and the Cornwall police who raided his home in Nov 2004, arresting him & seizing his computer.

The initial four year vendetta & abuses by Cornwall police subsequently have continued unabated against Mr Lidbury

Lidbury: a listed gay artist with a Middlesex University Archive of gay artists, along with Hockney, Mapplethorpe, Gilbert, & George. In Nov 97, Lidbury jointly exhibited at the Penzance Art Club his male bronze figures with Leigh Heppell a sculptor of erotic female forms. Lidbury has Artwork in the Barcelona Spanish Museum of Erotic Art and Homosexual Art Foundation in New York, USA.

In 2004, Cornwall police attempted unsuccessfully to prosecute Lidbury for his perfectly legal homocentric Art.

No criminal charges resulted against Lidbury for later admitted by police false allegations made against him and police Criminal Forensics admitted both in an Independent Police Complaints Commission report & in Civil Crown Court in Sept 2006 there were NO ‘alleged’ illegal images on Lidburys computer.

However, Lidbury's various businesses were entirely destroyed by the police actions. This has never been addressed.

In 2006, Lidbury’s 74yr old pensioner mother was verbally abused by Cornwall police (abuser PC Alexander of Helston & colleague) when Mrs. Rita Lidbury went to give witness assistance to a gay youth being persecuted by police. The youth was already a witness against police for other formal complaints of police homophobic conduct made to the IPCC.

The youth was detained by police in a chapel coffee morning, he was subjected to a partial strip search, sworn at, and then forcibly taken by police to a retail outlet. The shop staff positively identified the youth WAS NOT the person who had stolen an item. Police then failed to give a stop and search form & failed to apologies to the youth or his pensioner landlady, Mrs Rita Lidbury. The reason police gave for targeting the gay youth was he had ‘Blue Hair’. This was stated as reason three times on ‘stop & search’ form eventually obtained from police having visited two police station& photo copy eventually sent by police by post.

This is the Cornwall authority & Cornwall police abused gay youth, Peter Midwood's own video which he co-created & produced on his own video channel on youtube.

It remains opinion of those involved in aiding the youth that police deliberately targeted the gay youth as he was a witness in formal IPCC complaint procedures against other Cornwall police officers, namely PC Tar& another abusive officer.

The person who was actually responsible for the theft later detained & was prosecuted by police. There has never been an apology from Cornwall police arrogance for the abusive intimidation & treatment by PC Alexander & the other police officer, neither to the innocent gay youth or his pensioner landlady.

In May 2006, (Helston Flora Day) Lidbury along with another gay/bi male were violently assaulted in Helston Cornwall. The other gay/bi male victim was bottled over the head, and then violently kicked in the head, face chest & stomach by assailants. Lidbury shielded the prone victim with his body, preventing attempts by the multiple assailants to stamp on the victims head. The assault witnessed by numerous persons, many of whom were also gay.

However when the victim reported to the police it was a ‘homophobic assault’, police told the victim Mr P Lealand to: quote “Shut up, be quiet, you don’t want to say that”. This entirely contrary to the 'True Vision' police policy on dealing with a homophobic incident & CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) policy on homophobic incidents.

The police then allowed the assailants to leave the scene (the police actually helped the assailants into a taxi) despite Lidbury having positively identified them, the assailants, to police. Lidbury took the injured male to hospital for stitches & x-ray. Directly due to the hostile & prejudicial attitude of the police attending the scene, none of the other gay persons witness to the incident felt safe to come forward to Cornwall police.

Lidbury attended voluntarily the following day to the local Helston police station where he was threatened by police if he (Lidbury) pursued making a complaint regarding the incident, they (police) would prosecute the other gay victim. The gay youth previously abused & targeted by police was just one of the several witnesses who did not feel safe to come forward as a witness due to personal experiences of homophobic police in Cornwall.

Cornwall police have ALWAYS refused to identify the police officers responsible for this abuse.

The police intimidation regarding an alleged (false) rape allegation involving Mr Lealand was most successful in intimidating the victim of assault Mr Lealand into not proceeding against the Helston police officers concerned.

Despite considerable obstruction from Devon & Cornwall police (Three police officers refused to take his complaint or statement of assault) Lidbury won as victim a court case against one of the assailants for ‘common assault’ no thanks to obstructive attitude of Devon & Cornwall police

In 2006 a civil action brought by Acting Chief Constable Nigel Arnold against Lidbury in Civil Court, Judge Rucker homophobically condemned and referred to Lidbury’s 20 year contribution to gay equality & HIV/AIDS care treatment & awareness campaigning as ‘Evangelical Proselytising’.

In the complete absence of ANY authority assistance to a homeless gay youth, Lidbury had been asked by some members of the public& serving members of the Navy based at RNAS Cauldrose to assist a gay youth.

Regarding assistance Lidbury & his mother had given to 16/17yr old gay/bi youth, the Judge considered that there was no excuse for any of the public to help a young (gay) person living on the streets who was under 16yrs of age & gay.  The judge incorrectly referred to the equal age of consent becoming effective with the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (effective 1st May 2004), this was of course wrong as the age of equal consent of homosexuals with heterosexuals became effective 1st Jan 2001.

In reference to Lidbury’s being gay & his seven & a half year relationship with his partner Andrew Smith, who Lidbury nursed in the last two years of his partner’s life when blind & dying of HIV/AIDS - Judge Rucker stated Lidbury (being gay) would “never understand a real relationship”

See youtube video:-

See youtube video:-

The press & video archive of the HIV/AIDS Sprocket Trust reveals a different relationship to that purported by the grossly homophobic judge Rucker

THE JUDGE WAS WRONG & HOMOPHOBIC in the opinion of ALL the many gay persons in the public gallery!

Public assistance given to a homeless Cornish gay youth (and by numerous members of the public, members of RNAS Cauldrose, Lidbury & Lidbury's 75yr old pensioner mother, who became the youths landlady from 2005 -2013 ) was described by the Judge as Grossly Irresponsible”.  This was in the total absence & complete refusal of any assistance to him as a gay homeless youth by any of the Cornish Authorities. Inc. Police, Youth Service, Social Service & Education Services

It was entirely ignored by the court that Cornwall police, Cornwall Social Services, Cornwall youth services & Cornwall education dept. had ALL been fully aware that the 15yr old youth had been living homeless & rough on the streets of Helston for 2 months as a 15yr old child. The authorities of Cornwall did absolutely NOTHING to help the homeless gay youth! This sort of homophobic abuse is accepted norm by the Cornish authorities and abusive Cornwall police officers like those Lidbury has repeatedly identified& why Lidbury when asked, stepped in to assist.

Cornwall Social Services failed entirely to meet a single one of their own objectives they set themselves at his case conference, adding to abuse the youth had already suffered in his the youth’s own family home & homophobic environment of Helston school. Jim Walters, a Cornwall Social Worker attempted to blackmail the gay youth. (This was tape recorded by Mrs Lidbury’s tenant Mr JC Smith)

The youth even wrote begging letters to his Lib Dem Mp Andrew George for help…he received none.

DC Magnus Scott had testified UNDER OATH in court that Lidbury had, Quote: ‘dropped off the radar’ (become invisible to police) since 1988.  How much more bloody visible could an ‘out’ gay person be?

None of the gay supporters in the public gallery of civil court that day, left court without the knowledge that Institutional Homophobia within both the Cornwall police & the judicial system in Cornwall was, still and remains a sinister& grave problem....& still is today 2015

Despite Cornish authorities & police attempts to cover up failure of duty of care, subsequently in part due to the formerly homeless gay/bi youth own video campaigning on youtube his original video watched over 100,000+ & follow up video  watched over 70,000+ Cornwall Children’s Services were deemed not fit for purpose & were placed in special measures by the government. The Director of Cornwall’s Children’s Services Mr Dean Ashton resigned.  

The police role of ignoring the gay youth’s homeless state as a child (PC Treloar & PC Fuller) & police homophobic conduct & attitudes of DC Magnus Scot brushed under the carpet & ignored by Middlemoor police HQ, as is common place senior police routine practice.

NB: Police testified under oath in civil court that Lidbury’s then partner was fictitious & did not exist (Lidbury’s partner was a member of the armed forces stationed at RNAS Culdrose where under Tony Hogg now Devon & Cornwall Police pet Crime Commissioner & then commander of RNAS Culdrose the mantra was “Homosexuality maybe legal, but it’s still not allowed”).   Police subsequently arrested Lidbury’s (non-existent according to police court testimony) former partner in 2007 whilst visiting Lidbury, which police later admitted in 2009 the arrest was as result of false allegations.  In 2011 police placed Lidbury’s former partner’s home (now living outside of Cornwall) under less than tactful police observation when Lidbury visited his former 29yr old former partner who had just been diagnosed with cancer.  UNDER OATH POLICE HAD SWORN IN COURT Lidbury’s former gay partner DID NOT EXIST.

Members of the Lidbury household continued to be relentlessly targeted & intimidated by Cornwall police.

Despite Lidbury reporting to Cornwall police:-

. Attempted blackmail

. Theft from the property

. Car damage

. Threats of physical assault & violence

Cornwall police DID & DO NOTHING due to involvement & role of their own police officers in instigating these offences & crimes against members of the Lidbury household

August 2006, Lidbury was again violently assaulted. The entire assault captured on CCTV, however, once again none of the four other gay witnesses present felt confident in involving Cornwall’s well-known & renowned amongst informed LGBT person’s the homophobic police force.

Lidbury’s complaint of police misconduct lead to two separate Independent Police Complaints Commission 'partial' investigations 2004/2006 resulting in numerous recommendations being made to Devon & Cornwall Constabulary of needed improvement of public service. Lidbury also raised his having reported being a child abuse victim in 2004, it was disregarded by the Independent Police Complaints Commission…and has repeatedly & continued to be ignored in subsequent communications up to 2015

These are some of the FACTS the IPCC DID establish regarding complaint made by a gay person in Cornwall, but NOTHING has been done about these incidents or the catalogue of other Cornwall police abuses highlighted:

1. A Cornwall police officer lied about a (non-existent) signature in a pocket book. Abuser in the company of PC Tar (Camborne)
2. Police failed to provide (withheld) legal court documentation. Abuse by PC Tar of Camborne
3. Police failed to return a computer after it had been cleared by police forensics (police kept it for weeks in a lock up garage or similar) abuse by DC Anning
4. Police did make un-logged (not recorded by police) visits to the family home (these were most intimidating to Lidbury’s elderly mother) abuse by PC Tar& another, also DC Crowe & DS Beckerlegge
5. Kept a gay person on a computer as a suspect AFTER the case had been NFA'd (no further action) abuse by DC Anning
6. Failed to provide food for over 7 hours whilst a suspect was in custody. Abuse by Camborne custody officers
7. Failed to inform a gay suspect weeks after a case had been finalized that there was no further action. Abuse by DC Anning again
8. there was no means to follow received mail into Exeter Middlemore police HQ within the internal system of the police headquarters, therefore no quality control by police on delivery of service

However the IPCC despite the ESTABLISHED above police abuses admit in their initial report they did not (bother) to interview fourteen witnesses regarding a catalogue of other complaints made!

These are further complaints regarding Cornwall police conduct the IPCC choose NOT to investigate and still remain buried to the utter frustration and angst of the gay victims of Cornwall police continuing homophobic abuses:-

1. Failure of ‘Duty of Care’ to a homeless 15yr old teenage gay youth (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by PC Treloar & PC Fuller of Helston
2. Attempted blackmail of a teenage gay youth (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Scott of Camborne
3. Abuse of a gay teenager in a strip search & botched ‘Stop & Search’ (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by PC Alexander & another police officer
4. Seizing of a computer leading to destruction of a gay businesses (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse DC Anning & senior officers
5. Failure to follow ‘TRUE VISION’ & CPS definition of ‘Homophobic Incident’ following serious physical assault of two gay/bi persons (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by Three Helston Police Officers
6. Refusal to take statements from Gay/Bi witnesses (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by Sgt. Rowe of Helston
7. Perjury by a police officer in Crown Court (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Scott of Camborne
8. Further un-logged visits by police officers to further intimidate complaint-ents against the police (UNIVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Crowe & DS Beckerlegge
9. Refusal of a police Sgt. to take a witness statement from an adult gay eyewitness (a founding member of Cornwall's lesbian women's publication OUTBACK was witness to this police refusal) (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by Sgt Rowe of Helston
10. Only an 'out' gay person was arrested out of a group of people equally taking part in lawful activity (No charges were made against the gay person. (UNINVESTIGATED) abuse by DC Parker who also ignored text msgs from the false accuser ADMITTING it was a false allegation against the gay man & failed to return lawful belongings seized by police

In 2005 Lidbury had also raised concern with Devon& Cornwall police regarding class A drugs being provided to one of his student employees by a gay man in Penzance.  Lidbury had also raised his concerns with the student’s college liaison. Devon & Cornwall police were disinterested.  Subsequently, following relentless police intimidation of Lidbury, one of Lidbury’s former student employees left the employ of Lidbury. The same former student employee was arrested following suspicious death of a gay man who had supplied the youth with class A drugs & with whom the former student employee was then living with in Penzance.

But that's merely the tip of the corrupt, dishonest & homophobic attitudes& practices still to this day common place within the Cornwall police force.

The appointment of three new diversity police officers to the Cornwall police force was an immediate effect of the IPCC partially investigated catalogue of Lidbury’s complaints made against the Cornwall police 2004/06.

In 2007, aspects of Lidbury’s gay life were researched as contribution to a London Drill Hall Theatre stage play - ‘A gay man’s guide’.

In August 2007, Cornwall Police once again arrested Lidbury, just days prior to the Cornwall PRIDE Beach Day. Lidbury was ‘Chair' of the 2007 Cornwall Gay LGBT PRIDE Beach day and the LGBT gathering was put in serious jeopardy of cancellation, contrary to the false & misleading disinformation put out by a Cornwall police diversity officer PC Arron Piper in the media.

Although successfully attended by over 140 people at the 2007 Cornwall Gay PRIDE Beach Day at Hayle beach, the steering group, comprising of gay men, gay women & gay youth disbanded after the 2007 PRIDE event out of fear of further Cornwall police reprisals.

After months on bail, NO criminal charges, NO criminal prosecution & NO conviction resulted towards Lidbury.

However, during the prolonged period of bail Lidbury attempted suicide due directly& specifically to Cornwall police relentless misconduct & prolonged homophobic abuses. Lidbury was subjected to repeated vehicle stops & un-logged police visits felt to be intended to harass & continue to violate his life as an 'out' gay man and those lives of other residents in his home. (Similar common police abusive practice used in racist conduct by police against the Stephen Lawrence family, who police investigated the family for having made complaints against police for their bungled investigation into murder of Stephen Lawrence)
Revelations about undercover police conduct (2013)

Plus Police (abuse by DC Parker) choose to ignore: -

1. There were several eyewitnesses as to the falsehood of the allegation made against Lidbury
2. There was physical evidence ignored by police
3. There were TEXT messages from the false accuser ADMITTING it was a false allegation!

Only Lidbury, an 'OUT' gay male, targeted & initially arrested by police, out of a group of several people all taking part equally in lawful activity. Such is the homophobic practices of Cornwall police.

It is believed the police did not prosecute the false accuser, J Prior, as it would have raised serious issues regarding Cornwall police homophobic attitudes& practices AGAINST gay persons!

It was to be a further two years before police finally admitted in writing that there had been evidence (throughout) that the allegation made against Lidbury was indeed FALSE & eventually recorded by police as a NO CRIME!”

In 2007: - Lidbury was subjected to an attempted extortion & blackmail attempt by M Pascoe. This was immediately reported to Cornwall police. However, Cornwall police (Sgt. Rowe of Helston) refused to interview a gay direct eye-witness present and dropped the investigation. Despite fresh complaints reported to various authorities, these further complaints along with many other previous complaints against Cornwall police have not been investigated!

There is some evidence to suggest that Cornwall police themselves (DC Parker) may have instigated the attempted blackmail against Lidbury.

Sgt. Rowe by his own admission in front of a witness later targeted Lidbury, because Rowe “recognized Lidbury as a gay man who had made complaints against police”. Such is the police abuse culture which is still protected within the Cornwall police force.

Lidbury self-published three autobiographical book memoirs in 2007.

Mr Hopkins Legacy: - His own childhood sexual abuse when Lidbury was 6yrs old.
NO Carrots in My Pasty: - HIV/AIDS in Cornwall.
A NO GAY ZONE: - Cornwall Police and other Homophobia?

NB: In 2006 Police also vindictively used in civil court counselling against Lidbury, therapy drawings Lidbury drew for counselling in 1988, drawn prior to his ‘coming out’ as a gay man.  The drawings related DIRECTLY to Lidbury having been ‘raped & abused’ as a child (1966).  In 2006 Police deliberately misrepresented & used these counselling therapy drawings by Lidbury of him as a child rape survivor, in civil court action brought by Acting Chief Constable Nigel Arnold in a bid to discredit & silence Lidbury as an outspoken gay adult & child rape survivor.

Police attempted to have the book publications removed including that of ‘Hopkins Legacy’ about Lidbury having been sexually abused as a child himself, despite it being a considerably toned down record of his abuse & child rape experience in 1966-1970.  Police legal dept trying to have both the book & his blog references to his being child raped removed years previously 2007 & it having been raised by Lidbury in video witness testimony given to police in 2010.

Police also attempted to have this video made in 2010 removed:-

Devon & Cornwall Police PSD later denied in 2014 they (police) had any knowledge of Lidbury being a child rape victim.  There is NOTHING more corrupt than a police professional standards Dept.

In Dec 2007
:- Lidbury was voted 3rd in 'Queerwest' 'Person of Gay Influence in the Southwest'. An online lgbt news publication run by Editor Craig Denney.

In June 2008:- Lidbury was contacted by the National Audit Office to give witness evidence for an investigation regarding the effectiveness of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Lidbury believes that gay people (& CSA survivors) should consider very carefully before making a formal complaint against the police to the IPCC. (Independent Police Complaints Commission)

"In our experience an already victimized gay person can find themselves further abused & violated by the ineffectiveness and bias of the IPCC towards & in favor of the police and further intimidated and victimized by the police. That is our experience".
Said Lidbury in 2007 (and still remains his opinion through bitter experience 2015)

In June 2008:- Lidbury submitted evidence to a Human Rights Enquiry into institutional breaches of Human Rights.

This included his personal blog which raises awareness of the continuing widespread problem & numerous instances of continuing institutional homophobic attitudes & practices against gay persons in Cornwall, UK. NB:- A later court gagging order forced removal of many postings from Lidbury’s blog about police homophobia & misconduct (inc. Lidbury having been a Child Sexual Abuse victim & its reporting to Devon & Cornwall police)

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary then threatened in writing prosecution, unless Lidbury removed the blog, destroying the evidence he submitted as reference to the HRE. Including that of him being sexually abused when Lidbury was a 6yr old child.

This was the 2nd time Cornwall police had tried intimidation to cover up their abuses by threatening legal action against Lidbury for making public, his and other Cornwall gay persons experiences of homophobia carried out by the Cornwall police force. (& of child rape covered up by police)

In 2008:- It was made clear that Lidbury & other gay persons who had made complaint of police homophobic conduct & practices were NOT welcome by subsequent Chairs & committee of Cornwall gay 'pride' at the event, in which Cornwall police were taking a very active influence.

2008: There were four known gay male suicides in Cornwall this year. Cornwall police even tried to prosecute the corpse of one gay male suicide victim...twenty days after he the victim had already taken his own life after being arrested by Cornwall police.

Year leading up to March 2008:- A request under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that there were over 1,200+ official complaints made AGAINST Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in that year. The 3rd highest of the 42 police forces in the UK.

Disgustingly, almost 25% of theses OFFICIAL complaints not investigated, or were buried or never finalized by the Devon & Cornwall police. Many of these complaints from LGBT persons. Further indication of the depth & level of continuing corruption & homophobic attitudes within Devon & Cornwall Constabulary under the command of Chief Constable Steven Otter.

January 2009:- Over 1 MILLION views had been made of Lidbury's videos on Youtube raising awareness of continuing problem of harbored & protected homophobic attitudes & practices still prevalent within the Cornwall authorities: in particular the HOMOPHOBIC Cornwall police force.  (2015: This figure now stands at over 3.5 million video views & would have exceeded 4 million had some videos not been forcibly removed as a result of a court gagging order in part to cover up evidence of the 6hr video tape given to police in 2010: RE; child rape & police homophobia)

Jan 2009:- Lidbury received a letter of thanks from Dame Nuala O'Loan DBE, chair of the British Equality & Human Rights Commission, for Lidbury's written & verbal evidence provided to the UK government’s enquiry into Human Rights in 2008.

Most of Lidbury's evidence & testimony given in more than five hour interview with the Criminal Research Dept. Kings College consisted of lists of abusive conduct, practices & attitudes from within the authorities of Cornwall, UK against gay people.

In particular, homophobic abuses & abusive attitudes & practices carried out from within Cornwall Police & Cornwall County Council.

Malcolm Lidbury:-

"Forget hoodie wearing youth, the single most likely person to intimidate, traumatize, violate, abuse and homophobically adversely affect the life of a gay person in Cornwall still likely to be a Cornwall police officer".

2009: Various Incidents: Restricted by a civil action at Truro court a gagging order against Lidbury from speaking out publicly on these issues

2010: Various Incidents: Restricted by a civil action at Truro court a gagging order against Lidbury from speaking out publicly on these issues

2010 Devon & Cornwall police decided because of his complaints against them, to have Lidbury assessed as being mentally ill (DC Stone & DS Jago), with a view to having Lidbury sectioned.  Police had already publicly labelled Lidbury as a vexatious complain tent for his complaints about police homophobia & historic child rape

Under police duress twice Lidbury agreed to be assessed by a Consultant Clinical Forensic Physiologist (Who police appointed) and the two forensic reports are submit-table as forensic evidence in a court

The Forensic Consultant Clinical Psychologist report conclusion was Lidbury was both ‘Logical & Rational’ & NOT mentally ill.

However by the second Consultant report, so vile aggressive, vicious & abusive had the multiple attacks upon Lidbury (including against his home. property, threats against his mother & his mother’s tenants) become (actively encouraged by Cornwall police, including disinformation then on the police website) that the Consultant concluded that Lidbury had suffered a 'Catastrophic Trauma'

Report quote: “Like that seen in persons repeatedly exposed to life threatening situations" This Lidbury identifies directly as a result of the Cornwall police instigated& encouraged homophobic motivated hate campaign. It had had a debilitating& adverse effect upon his health resulting in him being diagnosed as a severe 'Agoraphobic', hyper tension & life threatening blood pressure (only discovered when Lidbury started coughing blood).

In 2010 much of the renewed internet hate campaign against Lidbury came from some members of Cornwall Pride committee& their supporters (several internet items showing the hate campaign by then Cornwall Pride committee members were later submitted in a civil court gagging order case by Lidbury as defense evidence). Lidbury already banned from Cornwall Pride (because of the police misfeasance hate campaign) had queried his being banned from Cornwall Pride, but as the then Cornwall Pride treasurer whom Lidbury knew via Tax fraud investigators he had contacted. Pearce had been arrested & charged with multiple criminal offences of fraud, but was still in post as the Pride treasurer?

Denials of the accountant Simon Pearce of St. Austell (who was also Cornwall Pride treasurer) being arrested & having been charged spewed out in hate& bile from some committee members (& others) of Cornwall Pride in a voracious hate campaign targeted against Lidbury as a gay whistleblower. Even in 2013 Lidbury was shown texts circulated denying there was any charges against the accountant (& treasurer of Cornwall Pride) & no court case.  Cornwall pride committee were in complete utter denial & relentlessly attacked Lidbury.

Whereas those who collaborated & contributed in the hate campaign against Lidbury (encouraged by police misfeasance) were welcome & frequently attended & gathered at BarQdos (owned by Chair of Cornwall Pride) & Cornwall LGBT Pride, Lidbury as a gay man was barred & not welcome at either.  Former employees of ST Pearce accountants have stated that Pearce & a Former Chair of Pride were said to be business partners with a view to purchase another gay venue in the Westcountry.

NB: The subsequent Criminal Court case against Lidbury’s former accountant (& Cornwall Pride treasurer) case started at Truro Crown Court in 2014. It was estimated to last about ten weeks & one of the longest trials ever to be held at Truro Crown Court. The original charges were for 1 million tax fraud by the accountant (& Cornwall Pride Treasurer), this became £2 million as further evidence was revealed.  The HMRC website of criminal Tax convictions now lists it as being between £2-10 million of tax fraud.

St Austell, England
Between £2,000,000 and £10,000,000
A case of a tax agent operating a Self-Assessment fraud. He submitted fraudulent returns in respect of 1,000 clients' accounts, then diverted the tax refunds into his own account, in lieu of payments. The total amount of fraud was between £2 million and £10 million. He received total sentences of 89 years for 256 offences and will serve 7 years as the sentences are concurrent.


When Lidbury who was a client of PEARCE, raised his concerns with Devon & Cornwall police about Pearce & another person prior to the 2014 court case Devon & Cornwall police DID NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!!

There was yet another’s criminal activity which had been reported by Lidbury to disinterested Devon & Cornwall police.  A substantial file was subsequently given to HM Tax inspectors at Priorslee tax office in 2014 where it was noted by the tax fraud investigator of ‘Clear evidence of tax fraud’.  Associated stolen property, also ignored by police was also returned to the lawful owner in front of witnesses in 2014. Despite Lidbury having previously raised these further cases with police years previously, police did not want to know then… & don’t want to know now 2015.

Intercom Trust, Rainbow FM, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Cornwall Pride, LGBTpact, etc. & those who supported the voracious police instigated Hate Campaign against Lidbury as a gay whistleblower (& CSA survivor) are still sycophantically appeasing towards a homophobic police force & in denial of the problem of a corrupt& discriminatory Devon & Cornwall police force. Lidbury identifies these lgbt orgs as specifically having aided police in covering up CHILD RAPE & HOMOPHOBIC HATE CRIMES by not supporting gay victims of police homophobic abuse.

In Feb/Mch 2010 Lidbury had given over 6hrs of victim witness testimony on video with Devon & Cornwall police naming dozens of police officers & homophobic incidents & hate crime abuses.  Again it included reference to Lidbury being abused when he was a child. These & other police officers (x23 to start with) now named to the statutory Goddard inquiry into child sex abuse.

The witness statement video tape provided by Lidbury over two days Feb 2010 was buried by Devon& Cornwall police.  This was despite a promise by Insp. Caroline Coad that Lidbury would receive a copy of the video statement evidence against police (inc. the historic child rape).  Asst. Chief Constable Sharon Taylor had a meeting with one involved in the making of the video tape.

A freedom of Information request was made by Lidbury to access his video evidence via Freedom of information website. Denied access by police.

Subsequently a civil court gagging order (Truro Crown Court) was made against Lidbury to silence him as to who was present in making the tape & the tape remained buried & withheld by Devon & Cornwall police

NB: When Lidbury was invited to speak on local Cornish community radio Tremough University Falmouth about Institutional Homophobia in Cornwall, Devon & Cornwall police threatened the university based radio station manager with legal action to close it down if Lidbury was allowed to speak on air.

From 2012 the Jimmy Savile story started to break.  It quickly became apparent that police had treated complaints by Savile’s alleged victims with contempt & ridicule 

More & more cases of historic child sex abuse previously ignored & covered up by police began to emerge:-

#Dunblane #ElmGuestHouse #Dolphin Square # Cyril Smith #Rotherham #Welsh Care Homes #Channel Isle Children’s Homes #Leon Britain #Kincora etc. etc.

Despite a Himalayan like mountain range of growing evidence & testimony of CSA survivor victims across the UK of police collaboration, police dishonesty, criminality & police failings on an epidemic wholesale scale across the United Kingdom in regard to child sex abuse & in particular that involving freemasons & person of influence in the establishment, institutions & organizations, still senior police, HMIC, IPCC turn a blind eye & deaf ear, compounding victimization& persecuting of CSA whistleblowers!

Lidbury had reported repeatedly over a period of decades to numerous Devon & Cornwall police officers his having been sexually abused & raped (1966-1970) as a 6yr old, through to the age of when he was 10yrs old. Lidbury started informing Devon & Cornwall police in 1987 & since 2004 had become louder & louder the more police ridiculed, laughed off, dismissed, threatened, bullied, victimized, persecuted & abused him as an adult gay man & as a historic child rape victim.

Previously in 2007 Devon & Cornwall police sent back the information Re: ‘historic child rape’ Hopkins Legacy - saying it was not their (police) job.
Police legal department threatened legal action unless information removed from internet (including Lidbury having been raped as a child)
Raised again repeatedly with numerous Cornwall police officers encountered (always belittled & ignored)

Again Lidbury raised the historic child rape on the 6hr videotaped witness evidence given police in Feb 2010 against multiple criminal, abuse & misconduct carried out by named & identified Devon & Cornwall police officers (which Devon & Cornwall police have buried the tape & despite a freedom of Information Act request to access it).

Lidbury even BEGGED the IPCC to examine the tape ....the IPCC simply ignored Lidbury!

Lidbury’s complaints routinely buck passed by the IPCC back to Devon& Cornwall police Professional Standards Dept. where Insp. Chudely & Insp. Swift routinely through obfuscation & misfeasance slipped the complaints under the carpet.

So why were Devon & Cornwall police not interested in Mr Hopkins the teacher child rapist (& his accomplices)?
Was it he was a Freemason? (He certainly had Masonic books which Lidbury remembers when as a child) ...or was it Hopkins clergy & police officer child rapist accomplices?

2011: Various Incidents: Restricted by a civil action at Truro court a gagging order against Lidbury from speaking out

2012 with the appointment of police crime commissioners Lidbury thought he'd try raising the historic child rape he experienced at 6-10yrs old again & homophobic police misconduct with Tony Hogg Police Crime Commissioner. What a waste of space, like many Conservatives, Hogg seems far more interested in covering up police crime & corruption than eradicating it.

Tony Hogg PCC ignored multiple correspondence & even blocked Lidbury on internet.  There is NO shadow of doubt in Lidbury’s mind Tony Hogg Police Crime Commissioner has compounded & aided in covering up of police homophobia, misconduct, criminality & historic child rape,…. as has Lidbury’s Lib Dem Mp Andrew George & Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Panel!

Not one to be put off...but finally completely exasperated at the endemic dishonesty, homophobic attitudes & corruption within Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, HMIC, IPCC & DC-PCC office Lidbury tried an entirely different police force.

In just ONE WEEK 2013, I’ll say that again for the hard of reading….In one week from being contacted Essex police informed Lidbury they had found information regarding one of the child rapists Lidbury had been identifying to Devon & Cornwall police for decades but had always been ignored by EVERY corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police officer Lidbury EVER encountered!!!!!!

Essex police confirmed by email that not only had the teacher (Hopkins) who Lidbury had been identifying by name, address & profession for decades to Cornwall police (but had been ignored & ridiculed by EVERY SINGLE ONE of the corrupt dishonest officers ever encountered in this vile Cornwall police force& HMIC, & by the Police Crime Commissioner Office & the IPCC , etc. etc.) as the person who raped Lidbury as a 6yr old child....but that Hopkins had been convicted of sexual abuse of six other children under the age of sixteen.

However (being a freemason & having police buddies?) Hopkins was NOT sent to prison for the conviction of abuse of six children under 16yrs of age

NB: Lidbury would very much like to know if Tony Hogg PCC is a freemason given the blind eye Hogg has turned to child rape & police dishonesty, criminality, homophobia & other abuses Lidbury has brought to his attention.

Lidbury pressed further since he was still in contact with another of Hopkins victims (who also named yet another victim) NONE of which of these further child abuse victims were covered by the periods of arrest & conviction Hopkins was sentenced for!

Lidbury also mentioned to Essex police Hopkins being a Freemason & having accomplice Clergy & police officer child rapist associates!

Further investigation was dropped by police faster than a rocket (Devon& Cornwall police also stuck their oar in)

However Lidbury now in his fifties..... had finally received written police acknowledgement (To that which homophobic Devon & Cornwall police have ALWAYS tried to cover up) of Lidbury having been multiply raped & sodermised when he was a child from the age of six through to age ten.

Devon & Cornwall police have yet to acknowledge (Probably busy shredding evidence & deleting emails…again)

Now why would Devon & Cornwall Constabulary try so hard to cover up for decade’s historic sexual abuse?

The answer very clear...because it seems EVERY Devon & Cornwall police officer (at least ALL those Lidbury has EVER encountered) like to ignore *& willing to collaborate for decades in CHILD RAPE & ABUSE which involves their own police kind! There is a root & branch failure throughout police from HMIC, ACPO, Chief Constables down to PCSO’s ‘Tesco value hobby bobbies’ to investigate complaints against police with even a modicum or pretense of professional honesty or integrity
NB: Note it was Devon & Cornwall police

...and then this

The denials by Devon & Cornwall police to PC Bryants child abuse victims are the same crock of blatant police dishonesty & lies which Lidbury had been repeatedly spun by every corrupt Devon & Cornwall Constabulary PSD, police legal dept & multiple senior & rank others throughout the Devon & Cornwall police force ever communicated with. This includes numerous correspondence by post & email to various chief constables of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. Maria Wallace, Nigel Arnold & Stephen Otter. ALL have collaborated by at least failure of duty of care or at worst collaboration misconduct in covering up CHILD RAPE & POLICE HOMOPHOBIA

The corrupt police rot & decomposition goes to the very heart of the Devon& Cornwall Chief Constables Office right through Exeter Middlemore & down through their COG, PSD, BCU, CID, Equality & Diversity Unit, Camborne& Helston police stations, through every rank & file

…but it is far wider dishonesty than that & includes IPCC, HMIC, ACPO & Tony Hogg Police Crime Commissioner office.  ALL of which Lidbury had written to & emailed on more than one occasion over the years about both police homophobia & historic child abuse…ALL of which have ignored & collaborated to cover up for those within these deeply corrupt institutions.LIDBURY - “When I say that EVERY Devon & Cornwall police officer I have encountered since 2004 has by their homophobia, misconduct, dishonesty & actions been complicit & contributed too more abusive violations of me than that which was carried out by the multiple child rapists who sodermised & raped me from the age of six through to age ten

...I really DO mean it”.

Lidbury’s EVERY experience as a gay man& as a survivor of multiple child rape is of Devon & Cornwall police a negative one of homophobia, misfeasance, obfuscation, corruption, dishonesty,& protected police arrogance & criminality from Chief Constables office down. Lidbury would no sooner have ANY Devon & Cornwall police officer in his home than he would a convicted rapist, murder or drug trafficker.

NB: Since ‘coming out’ as a gay man in 1989 Lidbury has been targeted relentlessly by Devon & Cornwall police as an outspoken gay equality campaigner & as critic of police homophobia. Since coming out as a gay man in 1989 Lidbury has NOT been charged, NOT been prosecuted &has NOT been convicted of ANY criminal offence in a court of law, contrary to the disinformation, obfuscation & misfeasance widely& publicly circulated by Devon & Cornwall police & others at the instigation of senior police Devon & Cornwall police. (Including previously on the Devon & Cornwall force website, now removed since Lidbury contacted the secretariat of the Goddard CSAinquiry & National Police task force on CSA)

In 2013 the Red Cross referred Lidbury as a ‘person in crises’. The clinical diagnosis of ‘Catastrophic Trauma’, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety panic attacks& Agoraphobia, Lidbury deemed cognitively disabled and in disabled DWP ESA support group.  This as a result of over a decade, intensified since 2004 of relentless police persecution of Lidbury as a gay man carried out by/instigated by police (The victimization of Lidbury actively contributed too by some LGBT organizations in Cornwall & Intercom Trust in Exeter). 

A referral through (non-gay) voluntary organizations 2013 led to a voluntary befriender for Lidbury to enable him to leave his home without fear once a week. Lidbury having become a withdrawn virtual recluse, intimidated by police from driving or even leaving his home without an independent witness through the understandable fear of perpetuation of the continued relentless police reprisals as he has repeatedly experienced to date.

The relentless police instigated & encouraged hate campaign against Lidbury had ostracized him entirely from the Cornwall gay community by all but a few informed & supportive individuals, primarily lesbians in the Cornwall gay community, some of whom had witnessed various aspects of what had occurred by police in the preceding years and others gay males who left Cornwall in part as a result. 

Unfortunately Organizations like LGBT pact, Intercom Trust, Rainbow FM, Healthy Gay Cornwall & Cornwall Pride had all not only excluded Lidbury as a gay multiple Hate Crime victim, these LGBT groups had colluded in silence with Devon & Cornwall police in perpetuating homophobic hate & ignoring/covering up Historic Child Rape of which Lidbury was a CSA survivor victim.

In 2013 Theresa May Home Secretary announced an inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.  Due to the court gagging order on Lidbury, he was one child sex abuse survivor (among many) who pressured for the CSA inquiry to be statutory inquiry.  Only a statutory inquiry would enable Lidbury to speak on those issues covered by the court gagging order.

In 2014 the CSA inquiry under Judge Goddard was made a statutory inquiry.  Lidbury has already made initial submissions to the secretariat of the CSA inquiry & received written acknowledgement. Lidbury initially naming & identifying twenty three Devon & Cornwall police officers (to start with) who by their conduct have compounded & collaborated in covering up historic child rape & the subsequent catalogue of police abuses homophobic & police dishonesty he (& others) have been subjected too from police. Lidbury is also to name in his deposition to Goddard inquiry others (inc. individuals within LGBT orgs. (ie Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Rainbow Source FM who have collaborated by silence or in hate campaign against Lidbury with police in them covering up child rape & homophobia) 

As a gay man Lidbury having addressed his demons of his CSA & his personal sexuality, ‘came out’ as a gay man in 1989. Lidbury has fought tirelessly for gay equality in the face of brutal homophobic opposition & dishonesty from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, from the Chief Constables Office down through the corrupt discriminatory & prejudicial ranks. 

LIDBURY Witness Victim Impact Statement:- The presence of any police officer at any LGBT Pride event is every single bit as vile, offensive & nauseous to Lidbury as a gay man (& CSA survivor), as would be seeing any Neo-Nazi attending a Jewish Holocaust Memorial Service.

Likewise LGBT members of the GPA police (who also ignored correspondence from Lidbury) no better than were KAPO Nazi trustees of holocaust death camps. We do not say some Nazi guarding concentration death camps were just a few rotten apples, we condemn the entire stinking vile evil Nazi organization. Likewise todays Devon & Cornwall police, which still remains but for lip service, an endemically prejudicial & discriminatory homophobic organization against gay persons & in particular against gay victims of crime, from the top down.

The corrupt UK police organization, HMIC, ACPO, IPCC have become little more than a Freemason influenced mafia like self–serving corrupt protection racket exploiting UK tax payers through ever increasing council taxes to fund an abusive dysfunctional & unprofessional body (the police) that victimizes & targets the most weakest, vulnerable & disadvantaged in society, whilst protecting the elite criminals in establishment who have influence, power, money & resources. Can we be in any doubt?

#Kincora #Elm Guest House #Dolphin Square #Welsh Care Homes #Rotherham #Cyril Smith #Leon Britain #Janner #Savile #Channel Isles #Havers #Boyson etc. etc. etc. etc.& questions of dubious police conduct & professionalism in Stephen Lawrence murder, Jill Dando murder, Daniel Morgan murder, etc. etc.  

The WWII enigma code breaker Alan Turring may have been given a posthumous pardon for his criminal conviction for being gay, but many thousands (49,000 according to government petition by Stephen Fry) of deceased& living gay men have not been afforded the same courtesy.  Lest we forget it was police & always police who have ruthlessly& relentlessly targeted gay men to persecute & criminalize them. As happened frequently in Cornwall, historically then & now it is police who have frequently driven many gay men to take their own lives or attempt too. 

Over half a million people have signed a petition for a pardon to be given to gay men.

Most of the LGBT organizations & groups in Cornwall (Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, Healthy Gay Cornwall, LGBTpact, Rainbowsouce FM,) have become adversely influenced by police (or negatively infiltrated by police like x-PC S Cannon) in collaborating in ignoring institutional (in particular police) homophobic hate crime against gay persons as well as aiding/collaborating with Devon & Cornwall police to continue to cover up historic (POLICE) child rape.

These Cornwall (& Exeter) LGBT groups have lost sight of ‘WHO’’ they are supposed to be supporting, ie: LGBT people. Currently people like Dr M Halls of Intercom Trust seem far more intent simpering to, fawning & grovelingly in appeasement to the homophobic Devon & Cornwall police than actually helping gay victims of police misconduct & criminality.

In 2004 previous to the voracious homophobic hate campaign started by Devon & Cornwall police against Lidbury as an open ‘out’ gay man & CSA survivor, Lidbury had a partner with whom he had lived with for 6yrs, ran his own business employing five persons, providing student/staff training to NVQ level 2 & ran his own internet art business.

Despite being relentlessly targeted by police as a gay man again & again & again Lidbury has not been charged, prosecuted or convicted of any criminal offence in a court of law since coming out as a gay man in 1989.

However, Lidbury has been a victim of a catalogue of police carried out, instigated or encouraged hate crimes & abuses committed against him as a gay man (& CSA survivor) in the same period 1989-2015

Following over a decade of police intimidation & victimization Lidbury no longer drives, no longer dare leave his isolated rural home without company of a Red Cross referral befriender witness escort (or persons whom he trusts), suffers from diagnosed severe Agoraphobia, severe anxiety panic attacks & is in the DWP ESA benefit disabled support group as a direct result of clinical diagnosis of cognitive condition of suffered ‘Catastrophic Trauma’, PTSD following years of police induced, instigated & police encouraged hate crimes against him as a gay man.

Due to prior experience Lidbury genuinely fears for both his safety & that of his disabled elderly mother in her 80’s from yet still further hate reprisals from Devon& Cornwall police as have previously already been experienced.

So devastating has been Lidbury’s experience of decades of endemic Devon & Cornwall police homophobia, lies, dishonesty, corruption & police criminality protected within the police as an organization he states;-

 “ There is not a Devon & Cornwall police officer who draws breath who if knocked down by a tractor & lying bleeding in the gutter outside my home I would not ignore as if Road-kill.  As a gay man & survivor of multiple child rape I despise them all (Devon & Cornwall police) for their collaborative organizational dishonesty, corruption & criminality as police officers”

#1 Finally acknowledged by Essex police in 2013, the repeated child rape Lidbury experienced over a period of years (1966-1970) from when Lidbury was aged 6yrs old until aged 10yrs, committed by multiple adult child rapists, (including by a teacher, clergy, police officer, amongst others), pales into absolute insignificance in comparison to the vile & vindictive compounding of that child rape & homophobic police conduct over many years (decades) by multiple & numerous police officers of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, from various Chief Constables & senior police officers down

#2 …& their collaborators in official capacity (i.e. HMIC, IPCC, Tony Hogg PPC, Andrew George Lib Dem Mp, Home Office, Cornwall Council, Police Crime Panel, etc.) who ignored correspondence from Lidbury over years

#3 …& those individuals within & running LGBT orgs in Cornwall & Exeter which have aided & collaborated by rejecting assistance to the CSA survivor & gay adult by covering up & ignoring both child rape & institutional homophobic police hate crime (ie: Intercom Trust, Cornwall Pride, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Rainbow Source FM, LGBTpact, etc.). 

As a CSA rape survivor & gay man homophobic ally persecuted & or ignored by ever single organization I have ever approached I have yet to encountered one single person who is employed in an official capacity who has not subsequently collaborated with police in covering up historic child rape & police homophobic misconduct. 

As a CSA survivor & gay man I trust nobody who is in an official capacity - NONE! 

This is a true statement disclosure of facts to the best of my belief & knowledge & reference to my records& files

Malcolm Lidbury.  Feb/Mch 2015


T May Home Secretary Home Office

Secretariat Goddard CSA Inquiry

Andrew George MP

Chief Constable Shaw Devon & Cornwall Police

Tony Hogg Police Crime Commissioner

A Goddard Independent Police Complaints Commission